Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mammoth Supply Co. Iced Coffee

Mammoth products have been advertised as "The MANS product".   This brand also has a line of yoghurts and ice creams aimed at men.  Today I tried to man it up, and try the Original and Mocha flavours. 

The bottles hold 600mL and aesthetically, they look cool.  This drink has a freaking mammoth on it! A MAMMOTH!   Going with the larger-than-life theme, everything seems to be bulging out of the bottle, making it look like the bottle is about to burst with the copious amounts of the manliest beverage in the world inside it.

Technical Specs
These drinks have an energy content of 260kJ/100mL for the original flavour and 280kJ/100mL for the mocha.  This is very comparable to other products such as  Primo (with chocolate and coffee flavours ranging from 256kJ/100mL to 280kJ/100mL).  So... not for someone on a diet.  But then again, a real man doesn't need to go on a diet.  He burns his energy by saving orphans from burning houses.

Both the mocha and original contain:
Reduced fat milk, sugar, coffee powder (0.2%) put in there for obvious reasons... to make an iced coffee drink. The mocha flavour also contains 1% cocoa. 

Colours  (only in original flavour)
150d- caramel II. Caramels are colourants that are generally not a major health concern. They're produced from the same process that produces...surprisingly...caramel!..
160b- Annatto extract.  Annatto is a seed from the achiote tree.  It's a yellow-orange colourant.

407- This is a carageenan, a seaweed extract.  It's used to create a better mouth feel for the product. Since  a coffee drink that isn't creamy isn't worth drinking.
This particular one was used because carageenan interacts with proteins in milk, allowing a stable texture to be achieved. It was also used to prevent separation of the cocoa and coffee particles out of the drink.  

A: May have been added as a weak antioxidant to help preserve the product.
D: Vitamin D enriched dairy products are pretty common. Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption, so to enrich dairy products with it makes a lot of sense.

The Taste Test
Although these drinks are called Iced Coffees, the smaller print does actually define them as "flavoured milks".  So if you're expecting something really freakishly manly...Something you would only be able to handle if your name was "Bruce", or "Murray"...then start to expect something quite a bit more mild, and quite a bit closer to a Primo than a double shot long black.  And when I say closer to a Primo, I mean, this drink is a Primo.

 Both had a flavour reminiscent of Cadbury-Roses coffee flavoured chocolates.. although this wasn't actually a bad thing!  After all, this stuff didn't drink itself! No.  I drank it all.  All 1.2 litres of it.

The original probably could be a bit stronger, but nonetheless had a good coffee taste that you wouldn't feel sick from after drinking a bottle of it.  The mocha one was more of dark chocolate flavour, with a very strong chocolate flavour and aroma. In this situation, the coffee notes acted to enhance the chocolate flavour rather than being the dominant flavour itself. Again, this wasn't a big complaint as it was the most chocolatey chocolate milk I've ever had. It was YUM.

Both were creamy like a milk shake. As it should be.

As for the advertisements stating that this drink is a proper drink that will fill a man up.  It's pretty spot on.  This product is pretty much a meal in itself.  Although I reckon drinking over half a litre of anything will fill you up good and proper...

So... overall these drinks were great and worth a try if you want a good tasting chilled milk drink (or a Primo in fancy packaging) this summer, but I wouldn't go buying them if I wanted to prove how manly I was. Instead I would just do something actually manly, like chop up firewood with my bare hands.


  1. Hey, good write up. Overall, what did you like more - the original or mocha flavour? And should I move away from my standard chocolate Primo and start rolling with this stuff?

  2. Hey Chris, would deifnitely recommend the mocha! It's got a richer more complex flavour than your standard Primo chocolate flavour, and about the same price too.

    As for the coffee, the Mammoth and Primo versions seem to be coming from the same tank as far as I can tell. I'd only go for the Mammoth if you're keen on the sweet blue packaging (it's cool packaging, so I wouldn't really see a problem with that)

  3. Wow I really enjoyed the sweet taste of mammoth iced coffee, however I didn't enjoy being LIED TO. at first it suggests the contents is an iced coffee given the title directly saying "iced coffee" however upon closer inspection, it actually says "ice coffee flavored milk". They are completely different drinks and a flavored milk doesn't have the right to call itself an iced coffee. I will have my people call your people. Cheers